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Fun Food Flags! Can you guess which countries are represented? Hint: The food used to make the flag is usually associated with that country…

Source (and answers!) here: http://bit.ly/n2Uxn8

So cool

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My father, Dave Robert Shepard Sr., died on either December 30th or December 31st, depending on what time zone you were in. I received the call on the 30th at 11:30PM in Los Angeles, but the caller, positioned in Detroit, was two hours deep into the 31st. He was dead at 62 years old. Small cell…



Cool Design of the Day: QR Codes for Tourists

The brilliant city planners of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil are embedding QR codes into the the city’s traditional mosaic sidewalks in order to help tourists learn more about its landmarks. Made up entirely of black and white tiles, these QR codes can be scanned with a smartphone to pull up a local map and additional information relevant to each location. The city plans to install roughly 30 QR codes along its famous beaches, vistas and other historic landmarks in the near future. (via modernizing)


chocolate butter: recipe here